Care of Judaica

This lecture on caring for Judaica in museum collections will provide cultural background and practical advice for collection care professionals in small and medium institutions, regardless of their collection care or Judaica background. This lecture will highlight;

  • the challenges of preserving these culturally significant objects while balancing the need for access,
  • importance of understanding the materials and techniques used to create Judaica objects,
  • the need to monitor environmental conditions,
  • and use appropriate handling, display, and treatment techniques.

Specific considerations for different types of Judaica objects will be discussed, such as Torah scrolls, prayer books, and delicate fabrics. The lecture will also touch on the cultural significance of these objects and the importance of respecting this significance in their care and display. Finally, the importance of seeking out resources and expertise in preventive conservation and Judaica care is emphasized for small or mid-sized institutions with limited resources.


Margalit Schindler (they/them) is Principal Conservator at Pearl Preservation LLC, a preventive conservation consultation and services firm. Pearl Preservation is guided by material science, sustainable preservation practice, and ethical decision making to support and steward collections of all kinds. Founded on the Jewish value of L’dor va dor, from generation to generation, Pearl Preservation specializes in the support of Judaica and Jewish material culture. Margalit is a formally trained preventive conservator with a decade of experience working in museums and preservation labs. They are a graduate of the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation and have worked at institutions including The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA), the Cleveland Museum of Art, and ICA Art Conservation. They are working to combine preventive conservation and social justice, supporting traditionally marginalized collections by sharing information and empowering others. A passion for Jewish culture has led to a focus in studying and impacting the preservation of Judaica in collections around the world.


Recording April 3, 2023 Length 1 hour 2 minutes