Management 101: Getting a Grip on Collections Management


Do you need help to improve how you manage your collections? Do you have some vague idea that there are ways to manage the information about your collections and don’t know how to start? Have you documented the condition of your collections so you can tell if they are deteriorating year after year? If you had to locate an item in your collection this afternoon, would you know where to find it?

If the answer to any of these questions is no or maybe, then, this four-webinar course is for you. These webinars will help whether you are starting at Square One or if you already have a pretty good system, but need a boost to get to a super system.

The webinars were recorded live on September 15, 22, 29 and October 4, 2016. The webinar descriptions, recordings, and related materials are linked below.



Webinar 1
Basic Condition Reporting


Webinar 2
Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections – A Survival Guide for Messes Great and Small


Webinar 3
There’s a Form for That: Documenting Your Collections


Webinar 4
A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: Conducting (and Maintaining!) a Collection Inventory