May Day 2023 Where to Find Aid and How to Get Training for Disasters

As part of the annual #MayDayPrep program sponsored by FAIC, this C2C Care Webinar spotlights where small and mid-sized organizations can access resources immediately after they experience a disaster, what entities with trained volunteers can offer assistance to these organizations, and finally, training that collections professionals can attend to prepare their institutions and communities for disasters in the future.


Stacy Bowe, Training Program Manager, Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative
Stacy Bowe is the Training Program Manager of the Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative (SCRI) and develops and implements cultural heritage emergency preparedness workshops, trainings, and educational resources in collaboration with many of SCRI’s partners. This includes assisting with the coordination of the international Leadership for Cultural Heritage Stewards in Challenging Circumstances training and managing the U.S.–focused Heritage Emergency and Response Training (HEART) programs. Previously, Stacy was the Department Assistant in the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research at the Smithsonian’s Freer | Sackler Gallery, where she oversaw the administrative management of the office as well as assisted conservators on several technical studies.

Lori Foley, Coordinator | Heritage Emergency National Task Force, Office of Environmental Planning & Historic Preservation Resilience
Lori Foley coordinates the functions of the Heritage Emergency National Task Force (HENTF), ensuring that local, state, territorial, and federal cultural stewards and emergency managers work together before and after disasters to protect cultural heritage. Prior to joining FEMA and serving as the HENTF liaison to the Smithsonian, Foley was VP of Emergency Programs at Heritage Preservation, where her responsibilities included creating and supporting cultural heritage emergency networks, including the Alliance for Response and the State Heritage Emergency Partnership. She has lectured widely and conducted numerous workshops on emergency preparedness and response at cultural institutions across the U.S. and internationally.

Elaina Gregg, Emergency Programs Manager, Foundation for Advancement in Conservation
Elaina Gregg is the Emergency Programs Manager for the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC). At FAIC, Elaina oversees the National Heritage Responders (NHR), a volunteer corps of over 100 responders trained to assist impacted institutions post-disaster, and the Alliance for Response (AFR) initiative, which includes over 30 networks nationwide. In addition to her work at FAIC, Elaina serves as a Reservist for FEMA’s Office of Environmental Protection and Historic Preservation.

Adam Rush, P.E., APT RP, Senior Consulting Engineer, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Adam Rush joined Simpson Gumpertz & Heger in 2018. He is experienced in the structural design and project management of a wide variety of complex architectural and engineering projects. His project experience encompasses new construction, condition assessment, renovation, adaptive reuse, but he specializes in restoration of historic structures, analysis of antiquated building systems, and repair of historic materials.


Recording May 2, 2023 1 hour 8 minutes