Hurricane Sandy Collections Recovery

In response to the ongoing recovery efforts associated with Hurricane Sandy, the Online Community hosted a webinar and live chat on Tuesday, November 20. This webinar brought together conservators with years of experience in the field of disaster recovery to provide the cultural community with critical information on salvaging damaged collections.

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Recorded: Wednesday, November 20, 2012

Duration: Approximately 1:21 minutes

Guest Experts:

Beverly Perkins
Beverly is currently the chief conservator with the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. She is a certified AIC-CERT emergency responder for cultural institutions and coordinated the AIC volunteer response to Katrina. Beverly has lectured extensively on disaster recovery for museum collections, collections care topics, and conservation issues.

Hilary Kaplan
Hilary has been involved in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery training for the past 25 years. She has served as a conservator at Emory University, the Georgia State Archives, and the National Archives–where she now provides training in records management.

Host: Jenny Wiley, coordinator of communications and online learning, Heritage Preservation

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