Care of Paper, Photographs, and Audiovisual Collections

Kristen LaiseRecorded: Thursday, December 9, 2010
Duration: Approx. 90 min.

Kristen Laise, Vice President for Collections Care Programs, Heritage Preservation


  • Julie Page, Co-Coordinator, California Preservation Program
  • MJ Davis, Conservator in Private Practice, Vermont
  • Jean-Louis Bigourdan, Image Permanence Institute, Rochester, New York

More than 3,000 libraries, museums, and archives now have the Connecting to Collections Bookshelf, a set of collections care resources designed to assist small institutions in caring for their collections. While rich with information, the Bookshelf can be challenging to navigate.

Kristen Laise, who organized selection of the Bookshelf texts and prepared the User’s Guide, leads participants through means to find the information they need in the Bookshelf and its companion Guide to Online Resources. Julie Page, a librarian, consultant, and expert on emergency preparedness, and an editor of Promoting Preservation Awareness in Libraries, Jean-Louis Bigourdan, a contributor to the IPI Media Storage Quick Reference, and MJ Davis, a paper conservator who consults regularly with small museums, libraries, and archives, answers questions about steps you can take at your own institutions.

NOTE: While this session is of primary interest to institutions that have the Bookshelf, others may well find it of interest. The Bookshelf Users Guide, available as a PDF, is a useful guide to resources for collections care for all, as is the Guide to Online Resources. It is recommended that all participants in this webinar have both resources handy during the webinar.

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