Notes From the Home Front: Care & Handling of Heirloom Textile Collections


Do you care for treasured clothing, quilts, lace, christening gowns and even, doilies and antimacassars, in your collection? What are the best ways for you to care for these fragile collections? This webinar will offer basic information for self-surveying historic home and heirloom textiles and identifying risks to long-term preservation of heritage collections. Topics will include condition assessment guidelines, environmental and storage adaptations for house museums, considerations in open display of objects, and short-term prioritizing of conservation needs. There will be time for questions and answers, so be prepared.

Jane HammondJane Hammond has been involved in multiple phases of textile conservation since 1980, when she began her training at the Cleveland Museum of Art, working in the Department of Textiles. She subsequently had a private practice where she specialized in the treatment of a wide range of objects, including ethnographic textiles, tapestries, flags, needlework embroideries, historic costumes, and upholstery. Since 2000 she has served as textile conservator for ICA-Art Conservation in Cleveland, Ohio, providing conservation services and consultation to owners and stewards of antique and contemporary textiles. Additional support services include collection surveys, preservation education and advocacy, and occasional reproduction of textile objects too fragile for long-term exhibition.

She has served as conservator in charge of textile treatments for the historically accurate interior restorations of the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Home, Fremont, OH; the James A. Garfield Presidential Home in Mentor, OH; and Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens, Akron, OH.

As an associate member, Jane Hammond follows and promotes the principles and standards of practice set forth by The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works.


Recorded: Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Duration: 1 Hour 29 minutes


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