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Do you know the condition of the pieces in your collection? Can those pieces be exhibited or loaned? Do they need conservation? A good condition report is one of the cornerstones of documentation for any piece in a museum collection. There are many reasons to complete a good report yet this step often gets skipped. Come join us for this webinar and learn about the reasons to do a condition report for the items in your collection.

We will also cover the basics of condition reporting including how to examine and document a piece and, as well, take a look at common condition problems for a variety of material types that you may find in your collections. Finally, there will be resources that you can use to learn what hidden damage you may find in your collection.


deborah- van-horn

Deborah Rose Van Horn is currently Registrar at the Kentucky Historical Society and Chair for the Southeastern Registrars Association. She has worked in the museum field for the past fifteen years in various positions in registration and collections management. Deb has a master’s degree in Museum Science from Texas Tech University and a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Georgia. She is one of the editors of the book Basic Condition Reporting: A Handbook, Fourth Edition. Deb currently serves as the co-coordinator for Affinity Groups for the Southeastern Museums Conference and the Southeastern regional representative to the board of the Registrars Committee of the American Alliance of Museums. She received the Southeastern Museums Conference Museum Leadership Award in 2014.

Recorded: Thursday, September 15, 2016
Duration: 1 Hour 19 minutes



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