Tour of the Canadian Conservation Institute’s Online Light Damage Calculator

On Wednesday, October 10 at 2:00 pm (Eastern), Stefan Michalski, a Senior Conservation Scientist with the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI), gave a tour of CCI’s Light Damage Calculator. The Calculator provides an estimate of the fading that might occur to the color of various objects when exposed to different amounts of light. The user may choose from numerous scenarios including the type of colorant in an object and  lighting environments to determine the cumulative fading effect on an object. Stefan explained, the Calculator will continue to expand and become more robust as new colorants and parameters are added.

The Calculator can be used to inform collections policies, demonstrate need for fundraising, aid in exhibitions planning, and more!

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  • The following PowerPoint, created as a reference by Stefan Michalski, was not used in this webinar but contains great information on light and light damage.

Recorded: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Duration: Approximately 66 minutes

Guest Experts: Stefan Michalski, Senior Conservation Scientist, Preservation Services, Canadian Conservation Institute, Department of Canadian Heritage

Host: Jenny Wiley, Coordinator of Communications and Online Learning, Heritage Preservation

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