Connecting to Collections Care is continually evaluating resources that will be of use to smaller cultural institutions to help you readily find information on all aspects of the care and management of your collections.

To make finding resources even more efficient for you, we have added this facetted Resource Search tool. This tool will give the most precise results for the many hundreds of resources linked to our website.

If you are looking for specific Connecting to Collections Care webinars, use the subject search for webinars in our Archives.


  1. Select a desired term and/or other available facet(s) from the left-hand column. While selecting the desired facet(s), the list of options narrows down in real time based on the matches that contain all selected choices.
  2. If you are searching for information on a particular class of items, you might try searching for both the singular and plural forms of the name, i.e. photo and photos.
  3. Clicking on a search result from the right-hand column, that resource will open in a new tab while keeping all the search results available.

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