Insurance 101: Practical Considerations for Protecting Institutional Collections and Loans

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This session is appropriate for all levels of experience from beginner to expert as an introduction and review of collections insurance basics and how they are an integral part of collections care. We will examine loss prevention, loss control and how to protect the collection through good housekeeping, landscaping, managing patrons, and during transport of objects. In addition, examples of recent claims and outcomes to illustrate how insurance responds to loss and damage will be presented.

Featured Speakers:

Deborah Peak, Senior Vice President with Huntington T. Block Insurance with over 30 years’ fine art insurance experience as an underwriter, claims manager, instructor, personnel manager and account handler for all size museums and cultural institutions.

Molly Slattery, Account Executive with Huntington T. Block Insurance Agency since 1999 specializing in Fine Art Insurance. Molly manages HTB’s Small Museum Program, which provides high quality, low-cost insurance to small museums, art centers and cultural organizations.

Sameena Merchant, Assistant Vice President with Huntington T. Block Insurance provides commercial business insurance service to museums, conservators, art galleries and historic properties.  Sameena has over 25 years of experience in commercial insurance, including underwriting, reinsurance and brokerage.




This webinar is sponsored by Huntington T. Block Insurance Agency, Inc. (an Aon Company) – specialty fine art brokers for over 50 years.

Recorded: Thursday, October 8, 2015
Duration: 1 Hour 23 minutes

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