How can I keep up with Connecting to Collections Care?
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How do I join the online community?

Registration is free, easy, and secure. Directions on how to sign-up can be found here.

Once you join, you will be able to post questions that will be reviewed and answered by our volunteer monitors. You’ll also begin receiving daily email digests of all questions and answers posted to the community.

Can I follow a discussion without logging onto the Connecting to Collections Care Community?

No, you need to be registered and have a login in order to follow or contribute to discussions.


I’m having trouble joining a webinar.

All webinars run on the Zoom platform. Make sure your administrator does not block Zoom. If you continue to have trouble, contact us at

C2C Car Courses

What are C2C Care Courses?

Our courses offer the chance to have a more interactive participation with instructors and to concentrate on a series of webinars devoted to a specific topic with the possibility to check on your understanding of new materials. Courses can include a variety of activities including just watching the live webinars, to discussions with your fellow participants, and to completing a project designed to help you apply what was covered in the course.

Who are the instructors?

Our webinar coordinators are leaders in their field and they choose instructors who they feel are not only leaders but, who understand the setting and milieu of those working in smaller institutions that may not have access to professional help. We find our instructors with our participants in mind.

How much time will I need to commit?

You may commit as much time as you wish, however, the minimum time is about 2-3 hours per week – including the time for live webinars.

What if I can’t watch all of the Course Webinars “live”?

The recordings of the webinars will be posted soon after the “live” webinars. If you miss a live webinar, you will have access through the Course set-up and be able to watch the webinar at a later time, as long as you do so during the Course period. You will need to keep up with the webinars to be able to participate fully in the other course activities.

What do I receive for completing a course?

Participants who complete all course requirements will be able to print a course completion certificate.

I missed a live course, what are my options now?

Courses will be available On Demand about a year after the live course.

Other questions

How do I recommend a resource or event to be featured on the website?

To recommend a resource or event, please contact us or send a message to the Connecting to Collections Care Coordinator

Can’t find your question? Feel free to contact us for further support.