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Software to find similar photographs

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      David C

      Over the last few years I’ve been scanning our photos in our collection. Some photos have information written on the back that identifies what the photo is. Every once in a while we’ll have a photo with no information, but the photo looks similar to another photo in our collection that has information.

      I’ve been using a free program on our PC called VisiPics to find almost identical photos on our PC. I often have problems using it to compare single photos against a file folder with 1000’s of other photos. I’m wondering if someone uses a program to find similar photos. If so, what is the program called and why do you like it?

      When we started to accession our photos back in the late 1970’s our cross-referencing was very haphazard (index cards). Finding very close photos is very time consuming because many photos are still in 3-ring binders in the order they were received.

      David Cranston
      Hadley-Lake Luzerne Historical Society
      PO Box 275
      Lake Luzerne, NY 12846-0275

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      Jen Hunt Johnson

      Hi David,

      I am not familiar with software like this, but I have forwarded your question on, and will let you know if I can find any more information for you.


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      Google “Software to find duplicate photographs” and there are many listings for both PC and MAC. There are a few free tools and some that have a fairly modest cost. I would check reviews and see what other report on their effeciency and ease of use.
      Good luck and let us know here what you find.


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