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Interleaving Tissue

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      Kate Brownrigg

      When, if ever, would interleaving tissue be recommended for photographs?


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      I really like Apollo tissue for interweaving with photographs. It was off the market for quite a while but Light Impressions has reopened and is carrying the tissue. Sometimes it can be hard to get but I really like it because it has a very smooth yet stable feel to it. Some of the other unbuffered tissue from other archival companies is just too thin to offer a stable interweaving support especially if it is in an album. Here at the Postal Museum we have a lot of stamp albums that need archival interweaving and it is our preferred option.

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      Amanda Malkin

      Agreed! Light Impressions is a great resource. There are a few photographic processes, however, that have specific requirements regarding the use of buffered/unbuffered interleaving paper. For this reason, I would recommend identifying the specific photographic process for the photographs you would like to interleave to determine the best variety of interleaving.

      Generally, “interleaving paper should be made of good quality materials and pass the PAT test. To avoid abrasions and to prevent photographic emulsions from sticking to each other when humidity fluctuates, place a sheet of interleaving between each photograph when stacking. Always stack photographs with the emulsion facing in the same direction, never face to face.”


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      Kate Brownrigg

      Thank you both!

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