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Exhibit Mounting: Museum Wax

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      Our institution is in the process of mounting archaeology and paleontology specimens. We are using “spider” mounts that will strap around the edges of the object, but I would like to further secure the floating object. Is Museum Wax a safe museum quality product to use? Any other recommendations?

      Thanks in advance for your input!

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      No, Museum Wax is not appropriate for long-term use, or for use with porous or fragile surfaces. It is designed for temporary holding of hard, impermeable surfaces like glass and glazed high fired ceramic.

      It would be better to use tiny pieces of polythene foam such as Plastazote or polyester felt to pad the mounts. Another method is to slide silicon tubing on to the metal arms (or use a polythene, not PVC, heatshrink tubing) which provides padding and grip.

      Hope this helps.


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      Thank you for your feedback Helena!


Viewing 2 reply threads
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