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      This was sent to me by one of our readers. Susan

      “I’m looking for guidance on how best to preserve (and display) a 36” x 36” commemorative banner. The banner appears to be made of muslin, and was issued in 1951 for the 300th anniversary of the city of Norwalk, Connecticut. The banner prominently displays the seal of the city, featuring Mahachemo (chief of the Norwalke Indians) and a member of his community offering a pipe to the British colonial Roger Ludlow in 1640. The image, as well as all text on the banner, is printed in green.

      My parents had kept the banner folded for many years. I would appreciate advice on the best way to flatten and mount this banner. I’ve enclosed photos of the banner (with closeup) and one of the grommets at the upper corners of the banner.


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      Marie Schlag

      Since the banner was commissioned in 1951 it is possible that the colourant utilized for printing will be colorfast. If that is the case (and it should be tested first) the banner may be steamed in order to relax the folds.
      If the folds are stubborn a second steaming may be required and while still slightly damp, the troublesome areas on the banner could be immediately weighted between glass until dry.
      Once you are satisfied with the appearance you are ready for mounting. Mounting the banner may require a complete backing if you are considering hanging it using the velcro-sleeve method. if the banner is thin or weak, a complete backing is necessary. Here is a link to explaining that method “” target=”_blank”>.
      Another option is to mount the banner flat on a properly prepared mounting board using almost invisible stitches at various points or completely around the perimeter of the banner. Here is a link to explain some additional options . Making the correct decision for mounting should happen when you know whether the banner will be hung vertically or left at a cant or flat for display.
      If the banner is to be hung vertically on a mounting board, it will need periodic vacuuming and environmental protections. If that is not practical or possible the mounting board method could be utilized and the finished should could be framed following correct textile conservation procedures.

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      Marie Schlag

      There was a missing link for properly framing a mounted textile. This is the link . There are many layers in the mounting process that will ensure long term success for the textile when done properly.
      Seems there was another link missing from the earlier post that showed some additional options for mounting a textile for display. Here it is once again .

      Good Luck.

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      Marie Schlag

      Obviously the links I’ve been adding are not being shown Susan. Please contact me off list if you are interested in checking out the information. Contact me at and i will forward the links to you.
      Best, Marie Schlag
      Textile Conservator
      The Studio for Textile Conservation

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