Choosing and Using Safe Materials for Collection Housing

Understanding how materials are assessed for suitability can help you make smart decisions about purchasing products. This webinar will review different testing methods used to vet materials for the storage, display, and transport of collection objects and how to understand the data the tests provide. Attendees will learn what it means when a material has passed an Oddy test, what kinds of test they can carry out themselves and where to find out if a material has been tested. Several easily available web resources that can help with storage organization, mount design and material choice will be introduced. 


Samantha Springer established Art Solutions Lab in 2020 in the Portland, Oregon area to provide preventive care and treatment services to regional arts and culture organizations, artists, and private collectors. Her practice grows from her MS attained at the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation and work at institutions such as the Portland Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Field Museum of Chicago, and National Museum of the American Indian. Samantha has presented and published articles on various conservation topics and developed the Materials Testing Results Tables and Image Gallery of Damages on the AIC-Wiki. Samantha is a Fellow and Professional Member of AIC and currently serves as AIC Board Director of Committees and Networks.