Live and Learn: Collections Emergency Lessons and Training

Have you had an emergency that involved your collection? Were your colleagues trained and ready to respond? After it was over, did you look at your response? If so, how did you record what you learned? What changes did you make to improve your emergency response in the future? This webinar will help you to make sure your Emergency Plan is a living document by focusing on learning opportunities both before and after emergencies: training and after-action reviews. We will provide ideas for training all staff who work with heritage collections and we’ll discuss how to debrief after actual emergencies to learn from them in the most effective way. Staying in “learning mode” most of the time enables your emergency team to respond competently and creatively when an emergency occurs.



Photo (c) Webb Chappell

Priscilla Anderson is a Senior Preservation Librarian at Harvard University and former special collections conservator, and co-chairs Harvard’s Library Collections Emergency Team, providing training and emergency response support to Harvard’s 70+ libraries and hundreds of staff members. Anderson also contributes to COSTEP-MA, the Book & Paper Interest Group of the American Library Association, and serves on the Advisory Committees for Connecting to Collections Care.


Recorded: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Duration: 1 Hour 11 minutes



Live and Learn PowerPoint Slides


Live and Learn Handout