Deteriora and the Agents of Destruction

Deteriora and the Agents of Destruction
Source: Indiana Historical Society

A graphic novel prepared for public outreach by the Indiana Historical Society Field Services Group. I.M. Hero, an enthusiastic volunteer, begins his first day at the museum and realizes that it is under attack by Deteriora and her evil agents. Will the hero save the museum? How will he defeat the Agents of Destruction? Who will help him? Find the answers to these and other questions in Deteriora and the Agents of Destruction.

Chapter 1 Emperor Apathy summons Deteriora and the Agents of Destruction…
Chapter 2 The Obfuscator distracts with his evil magic!
Chapter 3 Ultra Violet shines through?
Chapter 4 Mass O’Frass really starts to bug our heroes!!!
Chapter 5 The Dust Bunny HOPS to his task.
Chapter 6 Miss Handler and Miss Appropriate make a public appearance…
Chapter 7 The Final Battle!
Chapter 8 Collections care resources and the making of “Deteriora and the Agents of Destruction”

Deteriora and the Agents of Destruction is part of the Connecting to Collections initiative and is supported in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The project was developed in partnership with the Civic Theater of Greater Lafayette (Indiana) and the Purdue