So, You Want to Run a Kickstarter Campaign? Lessons/tips for crowdfunding your project

Crowdfunding, once a novel approach to financing a project, has now become mainstream with multiple hosting platforms to choose from. In this webinar, conservator J. Claire Dean will draw on her extensive experience of running campaigns (as well as backing hundreds over recent years) to highlight the challenges and rewards of using this approach to funding projects. The most popular platforms will be discussed, as will the key factors to organizing, promoting and completing a campaign. The content of the webinar will be aimed at people looking to raise less than $30,000, although the challenges of larger campaigns will be touched on.


J. Claire Dean is a professional art conservator in private practice, based in Portland, Oregon. Since 2010 she has been involved with running eight crowdfunding campaigns, all of them successful; three for her own projects, and the rest for ventures in which she was an integral part. One of her projects was “Shelter for a Native American Story Pole” (a Kickstarter campaign that is still accessible here.) which raised funds to build a temporary, protective shelter for a historic story pole located in northwestern Washington. In addition, she has a serious “backing habit” having donated to over 300 crowdfunded projects. This combined experience arms her with a wealth of knowledge about what makes a sound campaign that is likely to succeed.


Recorded: Friday, June 16, 2017
Duration: 1 Hour 24 minutes


So You want to start a Kickstarter Campaign? PowerPoint Slides


So You Want to Start a Kickstarter Campaign? Handout