Re-ORG Method

Re-ORG Method
Source: ICCROM

The RE-ORG Method is a step-by-step approach to help those who work with cultural collections to reorganize their current storage rooms, focusing on the creative, yet safe, use of existing resources. The Method has four phases:

  • Getting started: create the best possible conditions for a successful storage reorganization
  • Condition report: document the current state of storage to identify major threats affecting the collection
  • Action plan: define the necessary tasks and establish a project timeline
  • Implementation: implement the action plan and ensure ongoing monitoring

All the guidelines, forms and tools that museums will need to implement their own RE-ORG project are included in:

  • The Self-evaluation tool, which gives a snapshot of the key issues affecting the functionality of the museum’s storage room(s).
  • The Workbook, which contains all essential step-by-step instructions that will apply to most RE-ORG projects.
  • The Worksheets, which capture all essential information in preparation of a storage reorganization project.
  • The Additional resources, which give more tools and guidance for specific cases.