Packing and Crating Basics

Whether you are packing your objects for storage or for transit, a knowledge of basic methods and materials can help your solution provide the best environment for your objects. How do you determine what materials to use in your travelling crate or storage solution? What is the best way to ensure that your object travels safely when in transit? This Packing and Crating Basics Webinar will provide an overview of the basic methods, materials, and vocabulary used when packing and crating art and other objects for transport. The most commonly used packing and crating solutions for art objects, artifacts, and other special objects will be discussed, and examples will be given, with a focus on establishing a common vocabulary as well as utilizing industry-accepted materials and methods. An overview of brace packing and cavity packing for sculptures will be reviewed, as well as common solutions for flatworks and paintings, such as travel frames, shadow boxes, and trays. While every object may be unique, understanding industry standards for packing and crating can provide a framework with which to tackle any tricky packing problem. Knowing the right questions to ask using the appropriate vocabulary can help ensure that whether you are hiring a professional, or doing it yourself, you are meeting the needs of your collection and the objects in it.


Meg Colbert is the Director of Production at Boxart, a fine art packing and crating company located in Brooklyn, NY, where she has worked since 1997. In that time she has packed art in museums, galleries, artist’s studios, auction houses, and in private collections. She is currently responsible for designing and formulating packing solutions for artworks, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of running a crate shop of carpenters and a crew of on-site and in-house art handlers. She has previously held packing workshops for AIC at their annual meeting in Houston in 2018, as well as for SOHO20 with the Feminist Art Project in 2017. She will run a workshop at the 2019 Annual Meeting of AIC titled “Packing and Crating: Basics for Traveling with Your Art”, which will focus on preparing conservation professionals to address challenges that arise travelling with art in transit.

Ludwig portriatLisa Marie Ludwig is a multimedia artist who incorporates found objects, reclaimed and recycled materials, collage, video, light, and sound to produce installations that operate within the traditions of Outsider and Participatory Art; her work has been shown at galleries and museums throughout the country. Lisa worked for over a decade as an art handler and packing technician at Boxart, Inc., where she helped to institute some of the standards that are still employed today in Boxart crates. Currently, lisa works full time as a fine artist, and is the founder of an ongoing project, The Art Neighborhood, as well as the co-founder of the Firework Gallery, and is a contributing builder to Bhome Studio, an art collective that produces stationary art dwellings in Catskill, NY. In addition to this she is also a Vital Gains Narrative contributor and Creative Director. Her work has been included in Architectural Inventions, Visionary Drawings published by Laurence King Publishing . She now resides in Brooklyn, NY were she lives and creates.


Recorded: Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Duration: 1 Hour 27 minutes


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