Larger & Working Objects: a guide to standards in their preservation and care

Source: The Collections Trust (UK)

In 1997, the first edition of Larger & Working Objects: A guide to standards in their preservation and care, was issued, written by Stephen Ball and edited by Peter Winsor. This has now been revised and adapted for e-publication by Patricia Andrew and Peter Winsor, 2009.

Many people caring for collections have few resources. Indeed, many larger and working objects (eg textile machinery, vehicles, boats and aircraft) are often privately owned, or in the care of enthusiastic volunteers. So the resource problem can be especially acute for this class of object. Given these resource limitations, is there a set of practical and realistic standards that preservation groups and small independent museums may follow? The answer is yes! You will find here the standards that all museums, societies and individuals involved in the care of larger or working objects should try to achieve. They apply whether you are working within a museum or preservation society, or responsible for a private collection – or even the owner of just one large or working object.