C2C Care Course: Health and Safety in Collections Care

Workers in museums and other cultural heritage organizations are exposed to the same occupational hazards as other industries; however, it is our interactions with collections that introduces unique health and safety scenarios where planning for and mitigation to control these situations may be unfamiliar to us, our employers, and often health and safety specialists.

This course will use hazards within collections to introduce participants to the basic principles of occupational health and safety; the role of health and safety regulations; the identification and control of hazards; and planning and implementing risk management strategies.

Participants can participate in weekly assignments that will culminate in completing a risk management plan for one hazard (or hazardous collection material) that they have identified within their organization. Course content will be delivered via Zoom meeting which will allow participants to view lectures and interact with course instructors and discussion leaders through small group breakout rooms.

Please note: While understanding the structure of how to deal with issues such COVID-19 will be discussed, this course will not focus on COVID-19 response in collections.

Webinar 1: Understanding Hazards in Museums – July 20 100pm-230pm ET
A general overview of the principles of occupational health and safety with emphasis on the particular hazards found within museums and other cultural heritage and collecting organizations.

Webinar 2: Understanding Roles Responsibilities – July 27 100pm-230pm ET
An introduction to how federal, state, and local health and safety rules and regulations apply to the workplace and how to identify the proper health and safety professionals to help with issues specific to particular hazards.

Webinar 3: Risk Assessment – August 3 100pm-230pm ET
A basic introduction to how to identify hazards within the workplace and collections, what exposure means, and how to understand the risk from that exposure.

Webinar 4 & 5: Risk Management – August 10 & 17 100pm-230pm ET
An overview of general procedures and policies for the mitigation and control of exposure once hazards have been identified and assessed, includes: proper object handling techniques, selection of personal protective equipment, establishing hazard communication, and understanding waste disposal.

Webinar 6: Specific Examples-August 24 1pm-230pm ET
A lightning round of case studies highlighting collection-specific problems with health and safety in collections care.

This self-study program is presented as a series of recordings of a live course offered July 20th – August 24th, 2021. Please note that any assignments are designed for enrichment only and will not be reviewed.

Registration Fee: FREE

Our Course Coordinator is Kerith Koss Schrager, Objects Conservator/Owner, The Found Object Art Conservation

Connecting to Collections Care courses are made possible in part by generous support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.