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Shifting an archive collection

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      Claire Bigand

      Dear ones,
      We plan to shift our collection (books, letters, photographies, objects, textiles…) in around 2 years.
      We want to start to prepare this big move.

      To help us managing it well, do anyone knows some articles, publications which treat this subject?

      Thank you,

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      Elizabeth Beesley

      Hi Claire,

      Here are a few links:
      – The British Library Preservation Advisory Centre has a great overview and guide to preparing for and moving archive and library collections available here.
      – There is also a bibliography and list of websites at the Northern States Conservation Center including examples of museum moves. They also offer an online course in moving collections (though not available at this time)
      – The American Library Association’s moving fact sheet also provides an extensive bibliography about temporary and permanent moves of library collections
      – The Connecting to Collections site has a webinar about packing and transporting, and provides some other relevant links

      I hope that helps.


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      Claire Bigand

      Dear Elizabeth,

      Thank you a lot for all those material.
      I shall go through and dig.


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      Lori Benson

      Claire –

      I have been involved in major and minor collection moves over the years. My colleagues and I wrote the book Moving the Mountain after our move of a 1.75 million object/specimen collection at the Science Museum of Minnesota. It is available in digital form on their website. It might be worth looking at as it is focused on planning.

      I use this book and many other sources, including ones specific to archives, in the 4 week online course, Moving Museum Collections, which I teach at The course this year begins April 3. If you are interested, please check

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