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Searching for framers (hinging & matting) in Los Angeles area

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      Holly Chase

      Greetings everyone,

      I am looking for a museum quality framer in the Los Angeles area. Specifically, I am looking for someone who can do some hinging and matting as we will be using some existing standard size frames.

      We currently use OTA House for all of our framing needs and they have been absolutely flawless. Truly impeccable work. I hope to continue to use their services indefinitely but I have been asked to find other studios who might charge less for hinging and matting less valuable artworks. I have experience in doing this myself but where I work we simply do not have the facility/space to do it inhouse.

      Thank you for any suggestions!

      -Holly Chase

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      Tammy Zavinski

      Hello Holly,

      Thank you for contacting C2C with your conservation framing question. Using AIC’s Find a Conservator’s advanced search, I was able to locate several in or within 50 miles of Los Angeles. It sounds as if the hinging and matting would be for works on paper or photographic prints. The advanced search allows one to identify specifically they type of object being framed.

      Kind regards,
      Tammy Zavinski

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      Louise Stewart Beck

      Hi Holly,

      In addition to the AIC Find a Conservator tool that Tammy mentioned (which you can find here), you may find it helpful to cross-post your query to the Cons DistList. From there, you may receive responses with personal recommendations and other word-of-mouth information.

      Stay safe, Holly. If there is anything your collection needs after the wildfires have calmed, there are many resources out there that we can point you towards.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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