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Recommendation for a Conservator

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      Tasha Seren

      I am looking for a recommendation for a highly qualified painting conservator in the midwest (Ohio or surrounding area). We have a triptych (contemporary art – acrylic on canvas)that was vandalized with black spray paint over the weekend and time is of the essence. Thank you!

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      Dear Tasha,

      I am a painting conservator with a private studio in Cleveland Ohio and one of my specialties is modern and contemporary art. I am a peer reviewed Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation. If I can be of assistance you may contact me at 440-935-4807. My studio is called Galloway Art Conservation if you would like more information about my background.

      Heather Galloway

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      Maggie Wessling

      Hi Tasha,
      I am very sorry to hear about the vandalizing of this work. The first place to start in finding a conservator is with the American Institute for Conservation’s “Find a Conservator” resource. I did a quick search for paintings conservators within 100 miles of Columbus OH and there are several who specialize in contemporary paintings. Here is the link to “Find a Conservator”:

      For your information, a “Fellow” status for a conservator is a greater amount of professional experience than a “Professional Associate” status.

      Here is another link where you can read tips on finding the right conservator for your project:

      I hope this is helpful,Best,
      Maggie Wessling

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      Tasha Seren

      Thank you Maggie and Heather! I appreciate your prompt response and sound advice.
      Heather I have sent you an e-mail through your website with more information on the works and images of the damage. If you could send me more detailed information on your background and experience, along with your thoughts on potential treatment and timeline, I would be appreciative.

      Maggie, The first place I checked was the AIC website, however, our collection is based in Geneva with satellite offices in NYC and Paris so I am not familiar with which regional conservator may be best and was hoping for personal recommendations from other users. I am also checking with regional Museums for their recommendations.

      I greatly appreciate your assistance in this crisis and am so thankful for the C2C website! A Wonderful resource!

      Best regards,

Viewing 3 reply threads
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