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Preserving & Displaying printed canvas

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      We have a large printed canvas of our athletes from London 2012 Olympic Games that was created for the USA House. Our Olympians signed it while in London and now we would like to display it in our Olympic Training Center Visitor’s Center. I’ve scanned the web and unfortunately have not been able to find out how best to hang and protect it from sticky fingers. Thoughts thus far include stretching it over a pvc pipe frame and covering with a polyester film. I am not sure about this as well as understanding the wall in which they wish to hang this is curved.

      It was originally hung with temporary Velcro strips on the back. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you — Teri

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      Rebecca Elder


      I think you could look at methods for quilt display and take ideas from there. Here’s a reference that gives you two ways to display quilts– one involves sewing velcro to twill tape and then sewing the twill tape to the quilt. The other involves creating a muslin sleeve. The hardest part will probably be dealing with the curved space, and you may need to have a support custom built to fit.

      As to protecting it from sticky fingers, I think you’d be better off roping the area off rather than trying to cover the canvas with Mylar or some other clear covering, especially given the curved space.

      I hope you’ll share the solution that you come up with! It’s an interesting challenge!


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