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Measuring Gaseous Contaminants – ASHRAE Guideline 27 Public Review – Ends Sep 28

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      William Lull

      ASHRAE “Measurement Procedures for Gaseous Contaminants in Commercial Buildings” Draft is Online for Comment Until September 28

      For the past ten years we have been working on a formal document, ASHRAE Guideline G27, “Measurement Procedures for Gaseous Contaminants in Commercial Buildings.” This is the best advice from a serious group of people who deal with this daily, including Cecily Grzywacz. While it will apply to general building applications, with me as the committee chair, and input from Cecily, the document gives lots of attention to museum/library/archives applications.

      Here is the purpose and scope of the document:

      “1. Purpose: This guideline provides recommended procedures for effective measurement of airborne gas and vapor concentrations inside commercial buildings. Its goal is to provide consistent procedures to follow so field measurements of contaminant concentrations are accurate and reproducible, avoiding typical problems that may cause unreliable or inconsistent results, while recommending sample acquisition techniques, sampling locations in equipment and spaces, sampling requirements, and criteria for data analysis.

      2. Scope: This document provides guidance on the procedures to follow when measuring gas-phase concentrations of contaminants in commercial buildings. The subject measurements are those used to establish existing, baseline or changed conditions as a function of the building systems or interior environments. The methods in this guideline emphasize obtaining meaningful data within a reasonable time period at a reasonable cost.

      This guideline does not apply to industrial or residential buildings. It does not address: (a) specific measurement equipment or devices, or (b) calibration of instruments.”

      The public review for Guideline 27P will begin Friday, August, 14, 2015, and end on September 28, 2015. The draft is online and ready for comments:
      The list is in chronological order, so we are at the bottom (August 14), for now.

      Here are detailed instructions on how to make comments:

      Note that if you are not an ASHRAE member: “If a commenter does not have an ASHRAE Member login, they will have to create an account by selecting “New Commenter Login” on the Log In page. The commenter must access their account to read their previous comments or to reply to an approved committee response to a particular comment.”

      ALSO NOTE: ASHRAE will be selling the Guideline once we finish it in 2016, but during this review period you can download the draft for FREE. This draft is pretty complete, and might be worth having.

      The intention is that if you contract for gas testing, you could ask them to follow “ASHRAE Guideline 27.” Of course you may find a lot of useful information in it too.

      Looking forward to your comments!

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