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Fashion Collection Database?

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      Thanks to Lissa I just discovered this group. I’m looking for a good database for a fashion collection. PastPresent has been recommended, it might be more than we need. Has anyone worked with : Small Museum Organizer Pro, v3.1 or the free Museum Archive Software at I’m looking for collection inventory with photos that can be categorized based on things like dresses, hats, purses, shoes, etc. Thanks for the reviews and suggestions

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      Heather Brown

      Dear Kim,

      I’m so glad you discovered the forum! Your question is out of my field of expertise, but I’ll ask around to see if I can find someone who has worked more closely with fashion collections and/or collections databases.

      In the meantime, this discussion from July 2015 about databases for small private collections may be helpful: One member, Joe German, recommends Museum Archive Software so he may be able to offer more details on that.


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      Mell Scalzi

      Hi Kim,

      I would suggest you look at Collector Systems. We use the system at the Hartford Art School to catalog our print collection and I am extremely happy with it. it is a very affordable system and incredibly easy to use. We don’t have a large collection which is why I like it. It isn’t more than we need, but it also allows for us to grow over the years without the worry of putting our servers over capacity.

      If you have any questions about the system do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’m glad to help.


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