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Documentary on tape removal

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      Kate Brownrigg

      About a year ago, one of you shared a link to a documentary you made on different types of tape removal. The link I have no longer works so I was hoping to track it down again.
      Does this ring a bell with anyone?

      Any help appreciated!


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      Elizabeth McDermott

      Hi Kate,

      I took a look at the forum archives and found your query from last year regarding tape removal. You’re right, the link no longer works. However, you might try reaching out to Anna Cannizzo. She is the person who created the video at the Denison Museum, however, she no longer works there so you would need to find her contact info on your own.

      Or, perhaps you can be a little bit more specific about the type of tape you need to remove. What is the object you are working with, what type of adhesive are you trying to remove?

      That way I can point you to the right conservator for any recommendations.


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      Kate Brownrigg

      Thanks Elizabeth. I was trying to remember the name of the person who sent me the link. I’ll try and find her. This is for a Google site I manage that consolidates some preservation information. I had added it to some basic info. on surface cleaning and tape removal.
      I appreciate you getting back to me.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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