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      Gretchen Guidess

      Dear Preservation Colleagues –

      This survey is about YOU. We’d like to assemble a better picture of the individuals performing collection management activities in the field today. This survey is designed to capture information from preservation professionals OTHER than treatment-specific conservators, conservation administrators, and conservation scientists. (A future survey will query these groups too!) A more complete description of the aims of the survey is included below with a link to the survey.

      Please share this survey with your preservation colleagues and alumni networks. Don’t forget to include your professional membership groups.

      My colleagues and I are looking forward to hearing from you.
      Many thanks for your time and consideration,

      Gretchen Guidess
      AIC Collection Care Network

      Does your position center on collection care, collection management, preservation and access, and/or registration? In preparation for a major collaborative project defining the role, responsibilities, and competencies of collection management and preservation professionals in sustaining access to cultural heritage, AIC’s Collection Care Network (AIC CCN) would like your feedback.

      AIC CCN seeks to learn more about how a broad range of titles and responsibilities have been assigned to institutional staff charged with the collection management and preservation of collections. Are titles commensurate with responsibilities? How do institutional perceptions of the role collection management and preservation staff play affect overall preservation and access? The competencies project will use the data from this survey to identify opportunities for collaboration, professional support, training, and advocacy between collection management and conservation professionals.

      Please help circulate this survey to collection care, preservation, and collection management professionals with whom you work. This survey is targeting professionals other than treatment-specific conservators, conservation administrators, and conservation scientists. If you are a preventive conservator, please feel free to take this survey. While many conservators spend some portion of their time performing collection management tasks, this survey seeks information from collection management staff that will be used to inform a document focusing specifically on collection management and preservation professionals. A subsequent project will review the AIC document “Defining A Conservator” for which conservation input will be sought.

      Take the survey at:

      AIC’s Collection Care Network

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