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carpet in collection storage space


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      Dorothy Pope

      Have a question regarding carpet in collection storage space. We are planning to enlarge our collection space and occupy a room that currently has 10+ year old industrial carpet. There is sealed hardwood flooring beneath. Removing it would not be expensive but it is worth doing? Should we leave the carpet or go with the hardwood floor? Any thoughts?

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      Heather Brown

      Hi Dorothy,

      Since the carpet is so old, it’s probably not off-gassing anymore–you’d be able to smell it.

      Advantages to carpet include sound insulation and cushioning against breakage if items are inadvertently dropped.

      Disadvantages of having carpet are that it is harder to roll carts on it and it attracts dust and debris that may attract pests.

      If you decide to keep the carpet, I recommend the following: there should be a no-food and drink policy in place. Sticky mats (construction supply) placed outside the door can reduce tracking dirt in on people’s shoes. An IPM program monitors pest activity, and frequent HEPA vacuuming reduces the attraction for pests.

      These recommendations are also best practice with a wood floor so, ultimately, the decision should be made on personal preference…and how much work it would be to remove the carpet.

      Heather (with input from Priscilla Anderson)

Viewing 1 reply thread
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