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      Grant Briscoe

      I was presented with a few artifacts from our general store for identification, and seem to be stumped on them. While the one most definitely looks from first glance like a shoe stretcher, deeper looks make that almost an impossibility, as it is intentionally made with a twist at the end. The one on the top is 11.5″ and the one on the bottom is 13.5″ long. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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      Grant Briscoe

      Here is the photo, it is on a word document to save file size.

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      Kristine Madras

      Hey Grant!
      Glad to see your on the website!
      You know they look similar to some of the gardening tools we got donated recently, used when planting to create holes and space.

      Kristine 🙂

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        Grant Briscoe

        Could I see a picture of the ones you got, Kristine?

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      There are many websites that are devoted to identifying old tools – for instance see:

      There are many more.

      Also, try some of the tool collectors organizations.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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