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      Lindsay Schettler

      Hello everyone!

      I am writing a grant for our upcoming renovation to help with equipment/furniture costs. I would like to purchase some processing stations/tall work tables that you can stand at and spread out a large map/flatwork – and has storage shelves underneath. Along with this I would like to look into a couple workbenches and regular tables for processing and computer stations. Does anyone have suggestions for brands or suppliers. I have no idea where to start looking for such items. Thank you!!

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      April Smith

      Hi Lindsay,

      I hope others will jump in if they have specific ideas of companies that have worked for them. In the meantime, I have found a book published through ALA called Planning and Constructing Book and Paper Conservation Laboratories and it is available on the ALA website ( However, I found a link to one chapter that is most pertinent to your question:

      This chapter covers custom-built furniture and has some excellent pictures of design ideas. For example, perhaps if you purchase flat files for storage, you could have a custom top made that fits across the files. Custom-built furniture has the advantage of being made to fit your space and needs exactly. And, since your project is part of a renovation, is there already a carpenter who is part of the renovation team you could work with in building your tables?

      As you consider different options for tables and workstations, consider having tables on casters. They could then be rolled together for really large items, or pulled apart if you need more space for people around the table. Make sure you allow space for knees and/or chairs to move under the table, since you are wanting shelves/storage space underneath. Also consider what material you would like the top to be (wood, a laminate over wood, etc.) and the ease of cleaning the top.

      As for specific companies, I have no experience in purchasing pre-made workbenches, but as I Google that term, Global Industrial pops up with several options for workbenches with different types of storage underneath and options for the table top material. You could at least peruse what they offer but I cannot speak to the quality.

      I hope this information gives you a starting point. Good luck with writing the grant and let me know if you have more questions.

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      Be sure to check with your state or regional museum and library associations – many of them have buying co-ops for members that include furniture that can be purchased with substantial discounts.

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      Lindsay Schettler

      Thanks everyone for your help! I found some great workbenches from Uline that are priced well and can be put on castors. Have not found a company that makes standard storage worktables that generally hold oversize flatwork. I believe that would have to be custom made.

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