What is this? Solving Problems Found in Collection

Not sure if something is a collections object or a remnant from a past program? Embarrassed that you can’t identify something on your shelves?  What do you do when you discover an unnumbered object in your collection? What if you have no paperwork at all for an object or the paperwork you have is too sketchy to distinguish individual objects from each other. If you find objects that have lost their identification tags, what should you do? What actions should you take to untangle such puzzles in your collections documentation?

This webinar will define what constitutes a Found in Collection (FIC) and will provide useful guidelines for documenting, researching, and numbering FIC items, as well as identify potential problems with disposal of FIC items.

Jobi ZinkJobi Okin Zink is the Registrar at the Rosenbach Museum & Library and the affiliated Special Collections at the Free Library of Philadelphia. She was the Collections Manager & Registrar at the Jewish Museum of Maryland for 15 years, where she also coordinated the internship program. Positively negative, Jobi approaches collections problems with a good dose of optimistic realism. Ms. Zink earned her B.A. from Emory University and M.A. in Art History from American University. She is the president of RC-MAAM.


Recorded: Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes


What is this? Found in Collection – PowerPoint Slides


Found In Collection Handout and Sample Forms