Collections Theft Response Procedures (GCI)

Collections Theft Response Procedures
Source: Getty Conservation institute (GCI)

Responding to a theft is like responding to a human-caused or natural disaster. The Collections Theft Response Procedures attempt to mirror the structure you may already have in place for emergency response. (See the “Agencies” page for resources on developing an emergency response plan.) They identify functions that need to be performed in responding to a theft—about 7 roles from within your organization and about 4 that are
likely to be filled by people outside your institution with whom you maintain close ties. Several of these functions might be filled by one person. For each function, we have provided a checklist of activities—things to do before and after a theft. It is key to identify in advance of an incident who will be in charge, a line of succession (3 to 5 people deep) of people who are trained to perform each response function, and who will provide liaison with outside agencies.