Evaluating Collections Care Information Resources

How do you find good information on the care of collections? A lot of materials are available, ranging from printed books and articles to online resources and DVDs, but not all of it is reliable or valid. This webinar will help you learn to separate wheat from chaff when looking for guidance on better collections care. Print, online, and other resources will be reviewed, recommendations made for essential references for registrars and collections care specialists, and help provided for developing a useful list of search terms to use when looking for information. In addition, guidance will be provided for connecting to local, regional, national, and international collections care colleagues and communities.


Karen Butler-ClaryKaren Butler-Clary is an archivist for the Beck Archives at the University of Denver. She holds a BA in Art History and an MA in Museum Studies, both from the University of Kansas, and has 10 years of experience in museums, archives, and cultural non-profit organizations, focusing on collection management and registration in small to mid-sized organizations. A lifelong learner, Karen is currently working toward a Masters in Library and Information Science. Her professional interests include broadening access to collections, diversifying collections, and digitization. Her personal interests include spending time with her family, hiking, dogs, yoga, and coffee.

John E. Simmons (BA, Systematics & Ecology; MA, Museum Studies) was a zoo keeper before becoming a collections manager, lecturer and museum consultant. He is a board member of the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists (ARCS) and current chair of the Collections Stewardship Professional Network (CS-AAM). His recent publications include Museums: A History (2016), Things Great and Small: Collections Management Policies (2nd edition, 2017), and the chapter on “Collections Management: History, Theory, and Practice” in the International Handbook of Museum Studies Volume 4, Museum Practice: The Contemporary Museum at Work (2015). He currently runs Museologica consulting, serves as Adjunct Curator of Collections at the Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum & Art Gallery at Penn State University, and teaches museum studies for Kent State University, the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and Museum Study LLC. When not working, John likes to read, garden, hike, and travel.

Recorded: Thursday, September 13, 2018
Duration: 1 Hour 28 minutes


Evaluating Collections Care Information Resources PowerPoint Slides


Basic Online Resources Handout


Basic Video and Webinar Resources Handout


Basic Print Resources Handout


Museum Professional Organizations Handout