Care and Curation of Archaeological Collections for Museums

Many collections present preventive care and collections management challenges to museums of all sizes and this is no less true of archaeological collections. The burial context, diversity of organic and inorganic materials represented, post-excavation storage environment, and associated documentation and data require specialized knowledge and management. In this webinar, our presenter will provide an overview of the above considerations and present practical solutions aimed toward the small and mid-sized institutions. The presenter will share preventive care, collections management, and storage strategies to help small museums better care for and manage diverse collections.


Nicolette B. Meister is the James E. Lockwood Jr. Director of the Logan Museum of Anthropology at Beloit College where she is also an Instructor in the Museum Studies Program. In addition, she serves as Faculty Director of the Center for Collections Care at Beloit College, a professional development training program focused on providing intensive experiential learning in preventive care for emerging and practicing museum, library, and archive professionals. Over the course of 20 years at the Logan Museum, Nicolette has authored and implemented seven NEH and IMLS grant-funded projects to increase the preservation of and access to archaeological and ethnographic collections. Previous museum experience includes the University of Colorado Boulder Museum of Natural History, Denver Art Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford University, and Milwaukee Public Museum. She holds a BA in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a MS in Museum and Field Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder.


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Recorded: Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes